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Non destructive, dry leak test of delicate food packages

Locate Leak

Easy to use - Automatic package leak testing on handle closure, no button press

High Sensitivity Leak Detection
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Lesser Known Leak Testing Facts and the Benefits of Leak Testing

Companies already know that leak testing offers many benefits. These benefits include having better quality and safer products. In addition, some products perform better when they are maintained as close as possible to their original condition.

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Evaluating Unusual Results From Your Leak Tests

Sometimes as you evaluate products, not all parts fail the leak test and you may in fact end up with uncommon leak testing results. As you test products for leaks you may find that your products do not react to a leak test in the way that you predicted. 

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How Can Your Leak Testers Help Your Bottom Line?

Did you know that there are even more ways that your Sealtick leak testing equipment can save you money? In fact, if you are already concerned about the ongoing   

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Top Tips to Choose the Right Leak Tester for Your Needs

At Sealtick, we provide a full range of leak testing equipment to the food industry, medical supply manufacturers, and many other applications

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Evaluating Latest Testing Trends and Techniques to Ensure Product Safety and Performance

Leak testing is a wide discipline that includes many different methods to determine seal integrity in order to ensure product performance and food packaging safety. 

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Why the Demand for Package Integrity Validation Is Rising

Every day, manufacturers deliver packaged products, such as food and medical supplies to wholesalers, vendors, and consumers. Although the end user rarely considers the importance of properly sealed packaging unless there is ....

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Medical Packaging System - Evaluating the Past Present and the Future for Optimising Package Testing Practices

In the early beginnings of medical device packaging, the package was considered to be secondary to the product itself. Any testing that occurred was generally at the sole discretion of the medical device manufacturer.  

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Leak Testing Realities - Opportunities and economics - Know what variables to consider while evaluating leak testing options

Leak testing technology makes it possible to improve the quality of your products and reduce your costs even in applications where expensive helium leak detection systems are considered to be the standard.

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Retain Your Product Authenticity With Smart Package Testing

These terms are closely related and it refers to the packaging system that is employed with regards to food, pharmaceuticals, and numerous other products that are available in the market. 

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Testing Package Integrity – Staying Safe In An Environment Of Hungry Microbes

A “sterile barrier system” is a device’s packaging system. In order to avoid any kind of infection, this packaging system must sustain the sterility of the product’s complete shelf-life.

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Sealtick is the number one source for high quality leak testing systems for a variety of industries. Our equipment ranges from manual leak testing systems to automatic high speed systems. 

Vacuum Leak Detection

Sealtick is a leading manufacturer for the food packaging industry. For more than 15 years, we have been a provider of vacuum leak detection systems to a global market. Our products include: 

We offer products to meet your specific requirements while offering superior accuracy with faster cycle times. These four models offer an impressive array of standard features and come with a 12-month warranty against any manufacturing defect. 

System Customisations 

If you require customisations for your Sealtick leak tester, we can create a completely customised version for your needs. We can even modify the software to include specific features. All of our customised systems are built in-house using our advanced manufacturing techniques. Our experienced engineers will work with you to determine your needs for your system to create the right high performance, cost-effective system.

Quality Service and Experience

With the best leak detection equipment available on the market, we are able to help many of the top manufacturers around the world meet rigorous quality standards. We also provide customer support and experienced sales technicians that will provide support for your existing Sealtick purchase or help you to find or design the right leak detection system.

Contact Us

To learn more about the Sealtick® leak testing systems that we offer, contact us via email Sealtick@bestech.com.au or call +61 3 9540 5100.

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