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Why Better Leak Detection is Crucial for Modified Atmosphere Food Packaging

If you are in the food products industry, you know how important it is to always deliver fresh food to your clients. You make all the extra efforts to ensure your package is filled with only safe, food-grade gases that will preserve the contents well till they reach the final consumer. 

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Top 4 Leak Detection Methods in Food Packaging

You are out for regular grocery shopping. You are satisfied that the supermarket you are visiting stocks only food packages that are air-tight and leak proof. You know that you are at peace while bringing the food products home assuming they will retain their taste and colour until you open the package.

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Leak Testing a Carbon Canister

On the surface, a carbon canister looks like a straightforward leak testing application. The part is made from rigid plastic, it isn't too big, and the leak rate specification is comparable to other fuel system components.

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Why Use Bubble Leak Testing for Products That Contain Headspace Gas?

Visual vacuum bubble leak testing is also known as bubble testing and occurs when packaging is immersed under water in certain atmospheric conditions. Here is why you should consider bubble leak testing for products and food packaging that contain headspace gas.

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Major benefits of non-destructive package leak testing

In order to ensure 100% quality and consistency of food and pharmaceutics, it is very crucial to identify packaging leaks. Apart from the obvious defects in the package, non-visible leakage issues also need to be detected. Testing of consumer-packaged materials is both a quantitative as well as a qualitative procedure.

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Maintenance tips for your leak detection equipment that is used in the food packaging industry

Food packaging is extremely important in order to protect processed, fresh and frozen food from getting contaminated. Packaging helps in protecting food from incidental problems like freezer burn, moisture loss, and physical damage. It is very crucial to keep leak detection equipment used for food packaging in top condition. Here are a few maintenance tips that can be followed on a mandatory basis by packing and manufacturing facility managers:

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Tips to choose the right leak testing equipment

When it comes to selecting the right leak testing equipment, product managers and quality engineers often disagree on the best equipment for the job. While quality engineers focus on finding the leak testing equipment that will deliver perfect results, product managers on the other hand look for greater efficiency.

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Enhance your brand value with flexible packaging

Recently, the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) conducted a Brand Value Study in order to determine the impacts of flexible packaging. The findings of the study determined that flexible packaging in fact had a positive impact on brands.

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The Types of Food Packaging Materials and How to Test Them

The main goal of food packaging is to secure the content and prevent any form of leakage or breakage. Food packaging also helps to protect the contents from germs, heat and moisture. Besides, it makes the process of distribution easier. 

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Flexible packaging is just apt for your business – Here's why

Flexible packaging includes packing and wrapping forms that are not hard and whose shape can be readily altered. The market for flexible packaging is witnessing a rapid growth as business owners are increasingly opting for flexible packaging methods.

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Sealtick is the number one source for high quality leak testing systems for a variety of industries. Our equipment ranges from manual leak testing systems to automatic high speed systems. 

Vacuum Leak Detection/Testing

Sealtick is a leading manufacturer for the food packaging industry. For more than 15 years, we have been a provider of vacuum leak detection systems to a global market. Our products include: 

We offer products to meet your specific requirements while offering superior accuracy with faster cycle times. These four models offer an impressive array of standard features and come with a 12-month warranty against any manufacturing defect. 

System Customisations 

If you require customisations for your Sealtick leak tester, we can create a completely customised version for your needs. We can even modify the software to include specific features. All of our customised systems are built in-house using our advanced manufacturing techniques. Our experienced engineers will work with you to determine your needs for your system to create the right high performance, cost-effective system.

Quality Service and Experience

With the best leak detection equipment available on the market, we are able to help many of the top manufacturers around the world meet rigorous quality standards. We also provide customer support and experienced sales technicians that will provide support for your existing Sealtick purchase or help you to find or design the right leak detection system.

Contact Us

To learn more about the Sealtick® leak testing systems that we offer, contact us via email Sealtick@bestech.com.au or call +61 3 9540 5100.

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