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Non destructive, dry leak test of delicate food packages

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Easy to use - Automatic package leak testing on handle closure, no button press

High Sensitivity Leak Detection
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Retain Your Product Authenticity With Smart Package Testing

These terms are closely related and it refers to the packaging system that is employed with regards to food, pharmaceuticals, and numerous other products that are available in the market. 

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Testing Package Integrity – Staying Safe In An Environment Of Hungry Microbes

A “sterile barrier system” is a device’s packaging system. In order to avoid any kind of infection, this packaging system must sustain the sterility of the product’s complete shelf-life.

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Making Your Packages Leak-Tight – Sustained Package Integrity

When it comes to package analysis, high “reliability” is considered the key factor to statistical quality control. This crucial factor can never be overlooked.

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Ensuring Product Integrity In Pharmaceutical Manufacturing – Detecting The Destructive Leaks

It is essential that you have an objective, robust and repeatable procedure for leak testing in place. This is the key to reducing the risk of product recalls or contamination – and also proving product stability.

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The Importance Of A Leak Detector For Seal Integrity

Seal integrity is one of the most important aspects of quality control for businesses that manufacture products for retail.

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Make Food More Convenient For On-The-Go Lifestyle

Increases in the popularity of snack products among consumers has resulted in manufacturers having to rethink the design and packaging of their products.

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Leak testing is essential process to improve production yield and catch product defects before them reaching your customers

Any company that offers packaged products is at risk of experiencing package integrity drawbacks. As a result, companies must incorporate reliable and cost-effective ways of detecting package leaks to ensure product quality.

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Leak Testing Dry-Filled Pouches

Leak testing helps ensure the integrity of product packaging. Various testing methods can be used including vacuum decay and immersion testing.

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Seal Integrity for Canned Food

Seal integrity is extremely important for preventing contamination or spoilage of a canned food product. Here is why proper canned food sealing is important and most effective method for evaluating seal integrity for canned food.

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How to detect packaging leak?

Small leaks can lead to big problems for food manufacturers. When leaks are created in packaging process, this can mean expensive measures to fix the problem once products are despatched.

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Sealtick is the number one source for high quality leak testing systems for a variety of industries. Our equipment ranges from manual leak testing systems to automatic high speed systems. 

Vacuum Leak Detection

Sealtick is a leading manufacturer for the food packaging industry. For more than 15 years, we have been a provider of vacuum leak detection systems to a global market. Our products include: 

We offer products to meet your specific requirements while offering superior accuracy with faster cycle times. These four models offer an impressive array of standard features and come with a 12-month warranty against any manufacturing defect. 

System Customisations 

If you require customisations for your Sealtick leak tester, we can create a completely customised version for your needs. We can even modify the software to include specific features. All of our customised systems are built in-house using our advanced manufacturing techniques. Our experienced engineers will work with you to determine your needs for your system to create the right high performance, cost-effective system.

Quality Service and Experience

With the best leak detection equipment available on the market, we are able to help many of the top manufacturers around the world meet rigorous quality standards. We also provide customer support and experienced sales technicians that will provide support for your existing Sealtick purchase or help you to find or design the right leak detection system.

Contact Us

To learn more about the Sealtick® leak testing systems that we offer, contact us via email Sealtick@bestech.com.au or call +61 3 9540 5100.

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