Custom Design

Sealtick provides pressure decay testing and vacuum decay testing systems for testing the quality of finished goods. While our range of products includes the TSE2032 Water Bath Integrity Tester, TSE6081b Flexible Package Integrity Tester, TSE6084 Can Integrity Tester, and TSE6086b Flexible Package Integrity Tester, we offer many customisation options as well.

In-house Development

With over 15 years of experience, our engineers can create the custom solutions that you are looking for. By working with you to determine your needs, we can guarantee that the finished product will have the power and the performance that you require.

Our customised systems are built in-house and we can produce both manual and automatic leak testing systems. We can even provide customised leak testing systems that are designed to test unusual package shapes or sizes. Our custom systems offer fast and accurate results.

Software Customisation

Our customised testing systems can also be designed with software modifications. We can modify the system software to include specific features.

We ship our Sealtick® leak testing systems to customers around the world. Our products are designed to improve the bottom line while decreasing the need for recalls. In addition, the non-destructive testing techniques of our leak testing systems will allow products to re-enter the packing line after testing.

Contact Us for a Quote

To find out the costs of creating a custom leak detection system for your needs, contact us for a quote. You can reach out to us via email or contact us on +61 3 9540 5100. Make sure to include your application requirements with your enquiry.