Recently, the Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) conducted a Brand Value Study in order to determine the impacts of flexible packaging. The findings of the study determined that flexible packaging in fact had a positive impact on brands.


The FPA Brand Value Study includes insights from 304 brand owners who were surveyed online in August 2015 by Packaging World magazine, feedback from 2,100 consumers surveyed online by Harris Poll in September 2015, and commentary from FPA members who were interviewed in 2015 by Gibbs-rbb.


Here are the reasons why flexible packaging will enhance your brand’s value as highlighted by the study.


1. Consumers Will Spend More


The results of the Harris Poll survey found that 60% of consumer respondents to the study said that they would be willing to pay more for brand packaging that offers the following benefits:


● Ability to reseal
● Ability to extend product life
● Easy to store
● Easy to open


Consumers said they were willing to pay up to 14% more on average for resealable packaging.


2. Packaging Influences Consumer Perception of a Brand

The results of the 2015 Packaging World survey found that 80% of brand owners agreed that packaging does have an impact on their brand's value. The top attributes that these brand owners attributed to brand packaging were:


● Enhance brand image
● Protect the product
● Differentiate the product on the shelf
● Fit consumers lifestyles


More importantly, 81% of consumers reported that they notice when a product appears in different packaging, while 39% of consumers said that they actually buy products specifically because of the new or different packaging.


3. Brand Packaging Provides Convenience for Consumers

The Harris Poll survey was conducted in order to determine which packaging attributes were considered to be the most important for consumers. Among younger consumers, ranging from ages 18-34, all aspects of packaging that were measured were considered to be of high importance to these consumers.


For 60% of the respondents, the following packaging attributes were considered to be of the highest importance to them:


● Easy to store
● Ability to reseal
● Easy to open


As a result, the study seems to conclude that the quality of packaging is what is important to current consumers, especially Millennial consumers. As a result, brands can likely improve their brand's value by investing in high quality packaging.


To ensure packaging integrity, all brands should perform regular leak testing to minimise the potential for product recalls, failed products, and other concerns that could damage their brand's value in the eyes of consumers.


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