Sometimes as you evaluate products, not all parts fail the leak test and you may in fact end up with uncommon leak testing results. As you test products for leaks you may find that your products do not react to a leak test in the way that you predicted. Here is how to evaluate unusual results from your leak tests so that you know how to respond accordingly.


Rejects in the Stabilisation Step

If rejects in the stabilisation step occur, they could be the result of lower than required pressure, movement between parts, and many other reasons. Additionally, it could be the result of malfunctioning system valves.


Rejects in the Fill Step

When a part is rejected during the fill step, it could be due to having a wrong pressure limit setting, leaking seals that cause extreme leak conditions, or accidental errors in adjusting the pressure regulator. It may seem shocking to consider these issues - in fact, unusual rejects that occur during the fill step can even be caused by a simple mistake such as selecting the wrong program for the leak test.


Service Related Issues

Service related issues can also contribute to your issues with leak test results if a third-party has recently had access to your equipment. If there has been a plant maintenance or a recent system shut down, your leak testing equipment could have been affected.


Develop a Checklist

Developing a checklist of the most common problems and their fixes is the best way to troubleshoot any problems with your leak testing equipment on the spot. In addition, it allows you to put an immediate fix into place that will allow you to restore the proper results of your leak testing equipment without requiring help from a technician.


However, in some cases you may still need to call us for help given that every issue with a leak testing system isn’t always a quick fix and your equipment may actually need adjustments or repairs.


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If you're unsure as to why your teak tests are delivering unusual results, don’t forget that we are here to help. We can assist you in examining your leak testing equipment to ensure that you have properly set up your leak testing system. We’ll also help you make sure that the strange test results are not actually the result of parts failure.


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