When it comes to selecting the right leak testing equipment, product managers and quality engineers often disagree on the best equipment for the job. While quality engineers focus on finding the leak testing equipment that will deliver perfect results, product managers on the other hand look for greater efficiency.


Fortunately, modern leak testing equipment can now offer the best of both worlds. Companies no longer have to sacrifice accuracy in favour of speed.


That said, there are still some specific criteria that the best leak testing equipment should meet. Here are a few leak testing tips to help you choose the right leak testing equipment.

1. Find Leak Testing Equipment for the Specific Application


Leak testing equipment is not designed to be one-size-fits-all. In fact, if you want stellar results, it is in your best interest to select leak testing equipment that can provide the accuracy and speed to meet the requirements of the specific task at hand.


For certain challenging applications, the leak testing equipment you choose will potentially be required to be customised to your application. As a result, you should be prepared to seek out custom solutions if your application isn't a standard one.


2. Automation


The best leak detection systems should actually help you streamline your production processes. As a result, you should seek out leak testing equipment that offers as many automation features as possible, including multi-channel testers infills, PLC connectivity, and other features.


3. Ease of Use


Leak detection equipment that offers superior performance but is difficult to use or analyse results is no better than standard or subpar performing equipment. Opt for leak detection systems that integrate with Windows and have built-in features that make operation as easy as possible.

4. Repeatability


Repeatability is very important given the fact that the outcome of tests are meaningless unless the results of the test can be repeated.

5. Support


Above all, choosing the right supplier for your leak detection equipment will eliminate the majority, if not all, of the hassles that you might experience. When it comes to customisations, repairs, and recommendations, you absolutely need the support of a reputable leak detection equipment supplier to assist you.


In addition, given that lifetime cost of ownership is an important factor in selecting the right leak detection equipment, you also want to make sure that you are not setting yourself up for expensive replacement and repair services down the road as a result of selecting the wrong supplier.

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