Visual vacuum bubble leak testing is also known as bubble testing and occurs when packaging is immersed under water in certain atmospheric conditions. Here is why you should consider bubble leak testing for products and food packaging that contain headspace gas.


The bubble emission test is a method that is used to determine package integrity. Problems such as packaging material compatibility, sealing machine setup and seal reliability are three critical factors to ensure that products survive high altitude trucking and airfreight shipments.


Package integrity is also critical to consumer safety since heat sealed packages are intended to provide an environment within the package which is contamination free, as well as, sterile. Bubble leak testing may also be a destructive testing method, in the same way as dye penetration. As a result, manufacturers should expect that this leak testing method will result in a certain amount of wastage of product and packaging materials.


Bubble emission testing is done by submerging a package underwater and then checking for leaks. When the proper equipment is used, a vacuum can also be applied in order to reduce the external pressure on the sealed package, which increases the internal pressure to allow gas or air to leak out from the defect that is present, creating a stream of bubbles.


Vacuum bubble emission testing is performed by putting water into a test vacuum chamber and filling it until the package is submerged in the water. The chamber lid is then closed so that a vacuum can be applied. The vacuum is applied to slowly increase so that the package can expand.


The tester is then observed for a steady flow of bubbles from the flexible container, which indicates that a leak is present. Once the vacuum is released, the package may also be inspected for the presence of test fluid inside of the specimen. Flexible packing that has little or no head space is not capable of being tested by using this test method.


In addition, the parameters for the test, such as the vacuum level and the testing time may vary based on the types of requirements and methods for packaging. Bubble leak testing systems allow users to accurately set up packaging lines with high reliability and minimizing downtime.


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