In order to ensure 100% quality and consistency of food and pharmaceutics, it is very crucial to identify packaging leaks. Apart from the obvious defects in the package, non-visible leakage issues also need to be detected. Testing of consumer-packaged materials is both a quantitative as well as a qualitative procedure.


Non-destructive package leak testing is extremely beneficial for businesses since it saves both time and money. This is because, in this type of leak testing, the package is not damaged.



Packaging validation is extremely important when it comes to bringing superior-quality food and pharmaceutical products to market. In a traditional method, an operator squeezes a package under water to find any bubbles that are escaping due to a leakage problem. This becomes a destructive test since the package that was soaked cannot be put back on the production line after testing. Also with traditional methods, there is more scope for inaccurate testing due to human errors and is also time-consuming. Hence package validation is more reliable when a non-destructive package leak testing is done using the vacuum decay testing method. Products are clean, dry and can readily be put back on the shelf when non-destructive package leak testing is done.

Allows Automation


Since traditional destructive package leak testing requires staff inspection for bubbles that come out of the water bath tester, efficiency and accuracy are low because it is a manual operation. However, with non-destructive package leak testing, the complete testing procedure is automated and gets completed between 5 to 20 seconds depending on the settings and the size of the package.

Easier To Interpret Results


It has been proven that most of the destructive testing methods are unreliable, inconsistent and often operators face difficulties in executing the tests under unified conditions. Since the results are not very reliable, the company can never be 100% sure about the quality of the packages. When non-destructive package leak testing equipment is used, operation time is optimized. as the complete testing process is simple.


SealTick has been providing top-of-the-line package leak testing systems for more than 15 years. Our leak testing equipment work on the principle of vacuum decay. Sealtick leak detection systems are highly reliable and easy-to-use. To learn more, you can either email us at or call us at +61 3 9540 5100.