Did you know that there are even more ways that your Sealtick leak testing equipment can save you money? In fact, if you are already concerned about the ongoing costs that are required to maintain your leak testing systems over time, you're not alone.


As it turns out, the long-term cost of a leak testing system is one of the most important considerations when determining which systems are the right leak testing systems for your specific needs. In this post, we'll look at more ways that purchasing Sealtick leak testing equipment can save you more money and help your bottom line in the long run.


Parts Grading

In most cases, leak testers, including vacuum leak test equipment, are designed to allow for the parts to be repaired or adjusted, which lowers your costs so that you don't have to replace the entire system. As an analogy, a leak tester that suffers a gasket failure or requires a regulator adjustment is similar to an automobile that might require repairs to its engine or transmission.


In the same way, leak testers with adjustable or repairable assemblies are designed to be fixed rather than replaced. In addition, Sealtick already includes this fact in determining the labour and materials costs for our products. Therefore, it would be economically infeasible for our customers to simply ignore these benefits.


These features only emphasise the fact that choosing the right supplier for your leak testing equipment is a very important decision. Not only does the purchase and long-term maintenance of leak testing equipment have a direct impact on your company’s cash flow, choosing the right supplier also means saving more over time.


Long Term Reliability

As one of the world’s most trusted leak testing equipment suppliers, we ship our products all over the world for use by leading global manufacturers, here in Australia and around the world. We have designed our products to meet the most rigorous quality control standards to ensure that you can trust the sensitivity, system flexibility, and resolution of every Sealtick leak tester for the entire guaranteed lifespan of the leak testing system.


Choosing the Right Leak Tester Supplier Saves You More

In addition, with a variety of products, our leak testing equipment is suitable for a full range of applications so that you can select the product that is best for your specific application. Finally our customer service and sales team is very friendly and knowledgeable. We can help you with any sales questions that you may have, as well as, providing support for your leak tester after your purchase.


To learn more about the products that we offer, reach us on 03 9540 5100 or via email at sealtick@bestech.com.au.