Recently, a popular baby food company had to recall its products from store shelves due to defective packaging. Plum Organics had to recall six flavours of its baby food pouch products after a manufacturing defect in the product seal was discovered.


How Poor Packaging Can Cause Major Problems

Poor packaging can render a product unusable, as seen in this case where manufacturing defect resulted in products that were leaking or bloated with a spoiled tasting contents. In addition to product waste, the problem also attracted the attention of food safety regulators, which often results in fines and penalties.

Recalls operations can cause the company millions of dollars, affect future sales and can take years for the business to recover and rebuild its image. Although no one was reported as poisoned by the spoiled products, in some cases people do become seriously ill from packaging errors and may opt to file lawsuits against the responsible company.

Package Quality and Reputation

When people become ill from eating contaminated packaged foods, the damage is not only in the money lost on product, penalties and lawsuits. Consumers are not going to put up with any mistakes from businesses that will affect their wellbeing and harm their family health. companies repeatedly experience packaging issues resulted in foodborne illnesses, major recalls and other disruptive events, their brand reputation may be permanently damaged.

The brand equity is irreparably destroyed if the public associate the brand only with poor quality and to change consumers’ perception about the brand and its products will then be very hard. Working with a food company is a relationship that depends on trust. Trust can only be established by consistently producing reliable and safe food products. Companies learnt real life case studies emphasise the importance of sample checking the packaged products during production, as well as, introducing new sealing technologies for new packing methods and materials.


Sample Checking During Production

Sample checking packaged products is extremely important for making sure that packaging maintains its integrity throughout the process of transport and delivery to the customer. Sample checking can reveal manufacturing defects that can be adjusted or improved at production line.


Non-destructible packaging testing is available so that product waste is eliminated during testing. This allows good products to be returned to the packing line. Adapting to the latest technologies for leak testing should be considered as a requirement of the quality control process.

For food companies that want to protect their brands, leak testing equipment is essential. Sealtick offline standalone leak testers are the most cost effective way for preventing packaging product defects that many companies have already introduced to their existing QA/QC process. To learn more about the products that we offer, contact us on 03 9540 5100.