Any company that offers packaged products is at risk of experiencing package integrity drawbacks. As a result, companies must incorporate reliable and cost-effective ways of detecting package leaks to ensure product quality. Sealtick leak detection systems are used around the globe to help companies meet the commercial export and product vendor standards. With a reliable leak detection system in place, your company can improve production yield and catch product defects before they get to your customers.


What Are the Risks of Packaging Defects?


Seal failing products can cause serious problems of your brands. In addition to increased product waste, package leak can cause contamination or spoilage of the packaged contents. Either of these scenarios can lead to food poisoning, health risk, complaints from customers and damage of brand reputation.


Seal leakages are the main source of post-production contamination. Contamination in packages occurs when micro-organisms pass through holes or misaligned seals in the packaging. As a result, many food poisoning incidents can also be associated with package integrity defects. Packaged contents can also escape before it reaches customers, in which case the product will need to be discarded instead of sold or used causing a loss on the business.


If a product is recalled by your business, Australian regulatory agencies may get involved, especially if consumers have fallen illby consuming the contaminated products. These actions could lead to fines to your business, legal action against company executives or a complete shutdown of your business, in the worst case. All of these operational risks could be virtually avoided by utilizing leak detection equipment.


Why Use Sealtick Leak Testing Systems?


Sealtick has 30 years combined experience in developing packaging leak detectors. Sealtick leak detection units can detect holes as small as 10 microns in sealed products or non-porous packages. Introducing leak testing process to improve production saves your company money and protects your business over the long term.


Only accurate and automated leak detectors can omit operator error and assure the packaging systems for your products are reliable once the products leave your facility. A non-destructive package testing procedure that incorporates Sealtick leak testerswill allow business to quickly test samplesthen return the past items back to shipping box. This facilitates minimum waste and downtime for testing. In addition, Sealtick leak detection systems also help to identify package integrity concerns before the problems escalate, improving product yield and quality control.


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