Food packaging is extremely important in order to protect processed, fresh and frozen food from getting contaminated. Packaging helps in protecting food from incidental problems like freezer burn, moisture loss, and physical damage. It is very crucial to keep leak detection equipment used for food packaging in top condition. Here are a few maintenance tips that can be followed on a mandatory basis by packing and manufacturing facility managers:

Adhere To The Manufacturer’s Maintenance Schedule


Most of the leak detection equipment comes with an owner’s manual that briefly lists out the manufacturer’s specifications for maintenance. The frequency of maintenance programs needed is clearly explained in the manual. In case the equipment has a manufacturer’s warranty, it is critical that the maintenance schedule needs to be followed to comply with the terms and conditions of the warranty. Some pieces of leak detection equipment must be repaired and serviced by only factory-trained technicians. Make sure you are completely aware of how to get your leak detection equipment repaired.

Test The Leak Detection Equipment At Regular Intervals


The frequency of testing your leak detection equipment depends on the amount of work in your facility or on the specifications provided by the manufacturer. Each component of the leak detection equipment will have a different set of testing requirements. Make sure that the equipment is tested during the mornings when the machine has not been in use during the weekend. Also, ensure that you again test the machine after working hours.

Opt For An Automated System For Maintenance And Testing Reminders


In case your leak detection equipment is automated, it is recommended to set up an automated alert to schedule a maintenance program. Suppose the manufacturer has recommended that the equipment requires maintenance after testing 10,000 units, an alert can be set up at a point when the equipment has tested around 9,000 units.


In case you are keen to implement a randomized testing system for your leak detection equipment, program the system to produce a random number and test the system after those many units have been processed. Make sure all the testing results have been recorded. You might require having the records to prove that your facility has been compliant with the testing and maintenance of the food packaging systems.


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