Increases in the popularity of snack products among consumers has resulted in manufacturers having to rethink the design and packaging of their products. These upgrades aren't only to ensure that the product retains its freshness. The changes are also to make the food products more convenient and appropriate for eating on the go. These innovations have impacted the food industry in many different categories ranging from cereal to meat.


More Companies Are Using MAP Packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) can be adapted to fit the specific food item by using different gases in various proportions. In MAP packaging, air is removed from the package and is replaced with a mixture of gases. This process is unlike vacuum packaging, which solely increases a foodstuff's shelf life by removing air. In MAP packaging, the mixture of gas can be adapted for the specific food product. This makes it easier to monitor the gas content of the package as it is processed. Once the package sealing has taken place, leakage from the modified atmosphere of the package or even changes in the proportions of the different gases can be detected using Sealtick leak detection equipment.


SealTick TSE Series

To accommodate the increased use of MAP packaging, Sealtick has introduced a variety of leak detection products that are ideal for testing food products. The SealTick TSE Series can be used to test product packages of milk powder, sausage skins, snack foods, salads, biscuits, bottle caps, sandwich packs, animal food, pharmaceuticals, blood bags, medical bandages, syringes, map packs, cans, and more.


The SealTick TSE Series offers non-destructive testing, submersible testing, and high sensitivity for the efficient detection of leaks. In addition, a wide range of package types can be used with the SealTick TSE Series, including pillow gusset, metal and air impervious cardboard cans.


The Advantages of Leak Detection Equipment

Non-destructive leak testing equipment offers many advantages for the food industry, including the reduction of waste since products that pass the testing can be reincorporated into the packing line. However, the main advantage of non-destructive leak testing equipment is in its efficiency because it can be incorporated into both off-line and on-line seal integrity test methods. When sealing problems can be detected earlier, it also results in an increase in production yield.


As more consumers move away from the traditional three meals per day diet, it is likely that more manufacturers will have to consider more packaging innovations in the future. However, as consumer tastes for packaging of food products changes, companies must remain consistent in their quality control procedures by implementing efficient seal integrity testing methods. Package leak testing assures the quality of sterilised food as modified atmosphere packaged foods become an increasingly important category of products for brands and food manufacturers.


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