Package integrity testing has become more reliable over the past two decades.


When it comes to package analysis, high “reliability” is considered the key factor to statistical quality control. This crucial factor can never be overlooked. The ability to detect packaging leaks is essential in ensuring the quality and consistency of food and pharmaceutical products.


Non-visible leakage must also be identified along with obvious package defects. It can be a qualitative or quantitative procedure when testing consumer packaged products.


Many benefits are included with a non-destructive package leak test. This helps businesses save time and money. One of the key factors is that the package is not destroyed when tested.


The benefits are numerous for companies that use these leak detection systems when it comes to testing food packages.


The vacuum decay method is adopted by the SealTick Leak Testers in order to test the properties and provide quantitative (numerical) results.


Cost-effective and packaging validation:

In the process of bringing quality pharmaceutical and food products to the market, packaging validation plays a vital role.

The design, equipment qualification, sealing process validation, and package material selection are essential when conducting a sample test. A traditional method is employed where the operator squeezes a package underwater. This step is taken in order to detect and find any bubbles escaping though the leak. However, this is a destructive test because the soaked package cannot return to the production line after testing. On the other hand, it can also be inaccurate and time consuming due to human error.

Using the vacuum decay testing method ensures that package validation is reliable with non-destructive package leak testing.

The non-destructive flexible pressure decay chamber developed by Sealtick allows higher testing vacuum without affecting the package and its contents. The passing products stay dry, clean and ready to be put back on the shelf because of the SealTick Leak Detector.


Non-destructive package testing permits automation:

Accuracy and efficiency are lowered due to manual operation with traditional destructive package leak tests. It requires human observation for bubbles coming out of the water bath tester.

Depending on the settings and size of the package, the SealTick underwater integrity leak tester as well as the flexible dry chamber leak systems enable automatic testing and displaying of results. It is all completed in 5-20 seconds.

A lid closure initiates the test. For later use, a digital panel along with LED lights indicate the testing results and log details.


SealTick non-destructive leak testers are smart and will meet your automated offline package leak testing requirements.


The easier interpretation of data:

Most of the destructive testing methods are proven to be unreliable, inconsistent and quite often difficult for the operator to execute under unified conditions. The data is complex to interpret and set aside due to the loss of a tested product or damage incurred on the package.

The results are unreliable. Due to this major factor, a company can never be 100% certain about the quality of the packages. They will never be able to determine what adjustment is necessary to the packing line.

Quality and time are gold to manufacturers in the food industry. By employing non-destructive package leak testing equipment, manufacturers can save time and money on testing products.

Save expensive product for acknowledged packaging only: 

It is against the interests of any company to fill expensive materials into a defective package only to realise later that the package is not appropriately sealed.

In order to simplify the testing process and prevent the costly damage of a brand, using non-destructive package leak testing in order to inspect packaging materials (rather than just the finished package) is the right procedure.

SealTick is here to provide you quality and professional assistance

SealTick TSE608X Flexible Package Integrity Leak Tester:

For a wide range of packages in various weights, sizes and shapes – SealTick provides you with a non-destructive and tool-less leak detector.

Sealtick leak testing systems can be shipped to any location around the globe. Our testers are designed in Australia and are purchased by businesses across the world.

For more than 15 years, we have provided our systems that work on the principle of vacuum decay. To test a package, it is placed under a vacuum, and then isolated. Any leaks will cause a return towards atmospheric pressure.

Our testers are ideal for companies that sell:


  • Milk powder
  • Sausage skins
  • Animal food
  • Beverages (bottle caps, cans)
  • To-go foods (snack foods, biscuits, sandwich packs, salads)
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical products (blood bags, medical bandages, syringes)


They are also suitable for other products that must meet rigorous standards to be acceptable for sale domestically and for export. Our testers always ensure that the products meet quality standards during packaging development, machine setup and operation on a product assembly line.


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