Seal integrity is one of the most important aspects of quality control for businesses that manufacture products for retail. If the package's seal becomes compromised, content leakage could result in a loss of protection for its contents, which may reduce or destroy the shelf-life of the product. Here are the major reasons why companies should invest in a leak detector for seal integrity.


Leak Detection Equipment Saves Companies Money and Protects Customers

When products are not properly sealed, they may become contaminated. Leaks in packaging seals are a major cause of product recalls in Australia. Recalls can affect businesses in many significant ways. In addition to the monetary loss due to damaged or unusable products, the company may also face lawsuits from individuals who were injured by the company's products. As a result, a package leak detection system is an essential tool for product manufacturers.


In addition, the company may also face regulatory action, penalties or fines from the Australian government if the recall is widespread. The best way to avoid these issues is to incorporate effective leak detection equipment as a part of the company's quality control testing process. These leak detectors can identify potential problems with the packaging process before the problem escalates causing loss of the company's reputation due to injured end users of the product.


Test Packaging with Sealtick Leak Detectors

To guarantee quality, products should be tested regularly by package leak detector equipment. With the endless number of new packaged products created every year, a Sealtick leak detector is the ideal system for use in a variety of industries, including the medical, pharmaceutical, food and packaging industries. Sealtick's leak detectors offer leak detection methods for both on-line and off-line leak detection. Only with leak detection testing can the seal integrity of packages be trusted.


Non-destructive Leak Detection Equipment

Sealtick has developed innovative package leak detection equipment to help test seal integrity. In addition to leak detection equipment that uses traditional destructive testing methods, Sealtick offers package leak detection methods that are non-destructive. These models include:


1.The TSE6089L Flexible Package Integrity Tester: provides dry, non­-destructive testing for seal integrity in larger food packages.

2.The TSE6081b Flexible Package Integrity Tester: provides non-­destructive leak testing of seal integrity in larger flexible packages.

3.With non-destructive leak testing, packages that pass can be returned to the packing line, reducing waste and isolating only those packages that do not pass testing.


Sealtick Leak Detection Makes Testing More Efficient

With Sealtick leak detection equipment, other methods such as using a water bath leak detector are unnecessary. Sealtick leak detection equipment also delivers results faster, which means a more efficient testing procedure for your production line.


For more than 15 years, Sealtick has manufactured high quality leak detection equipment that meets the rigorous standards required for use by companies around the globe. For more information about the individual leak detection systems that Sealtick offers contact us on 03 9540 5100.