If you are in the food products industry, you know how important it is to always deliver fresh food to your clients. You make all the extra efforts to ensure your package is filled with only safe, food-grade gases that will preserve the contents well till they reach the final consumer.


If anything goes wrong with the package, the food will not be fit for consumption. Food package leaks can result in unwanted substances entering the packages too. One wrong delivery and your reputation could go for a toss!


What can you do to prevent such incidents? Ensure your packages are always secure. Moreover, ensure that the packages are always leak proof. Using the right leak detection tests will keep your food fresh, and preserve its quality and shelf-life.


Here is why better leak detection is crucial for modified atmosphere food packaging.

The Problems with Manual Leak Detection


The biggest disadvantage in manual leak detection methods is the time spent on it. Manual testing is also labour-intensive. This means you will waste more manpower on testing for leak detection than actually packaging the food product and dispatching it to the supply chain.


Methods such as needle testing and water baths can also result in a loss of packaging, waste of time and in many cases, completely ruined products.


Manual leak detection can also result in reduced shelf-life of the food products. The risk of increased bacteria growth that could lead to consumers suffering from sickness due to food-borne pathogens also arises.


If manual leak detection is not conducted properly, chances of unappealing odour and flavour loss can occur.

How Modified Atmosphere Food Packaging Leak Detection Works


A better alternative to manual leak detection techniques is the 100%, in-line, modified atmosphere packaging leak detection.


This latest leak detection technology makes use of tray sealers, thermoforming machines or flow-packers for processors that conduct simple non-destructive tests.


This technology makes use of sensors to detect the presence of a tracer gas such as hydrogen in the packaging gas mixture (usually a mix of nitrogen and carbon dioxide). The smallest of leaks can be easily detected and this technique can help detect leaks across all types of food product packages.

Benefits of Modified Atmosphere Packaging Leak Detection


As a manufacturer of food products, you can be assured of improved product quality, security and productivity when you use modified atmosphere packaging leak detection methods.


You will never have to worry again about your food products perishing or your retailers/suppliers/customers complaining about leaking packages being delivered to them.


You have built up a reputation for the quality of food products that your company makes. Why risk your reputation by failing to adopt the latest packaging leak detection methods?


Get the peace of mind you always wanted with modified atmosphere packaging leak detection systems.