Why Sealtick

As the leader in food packaging testing equipment, Sealtick offers a variety of testing equipment that allow businesses to achieve quality standards for their products. To help you understand why our products are trusted by so many manufacturers, here are the benefits of using Sealtick leak testing systems.

Accurate Results

Our Sealtick systems use vacuum testing to deliver highly accurate results. With the ability to detect leaks of just a few microns, these systems produce quantitative results with logging for long term trend analysis and data traceability.

Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing is one of the features of several of our systems including the TSE6081b Flexible Package Integrity Tester and TSE6086b Flexible Package Integrity Tester. Non-destructive testing reduces waste by allowing products to be tested and passing products to be returned to the packing line. With non-destructive testing, fewer products are damaged with the intent of quality testing.

Recall Reduction

Sealtick Package Leak Testers help businesses to cut costs by reducing the risk of a product recall. These testing systems ensure the integrity of the packaging for a product. Damaged or improperly sealed packaging is often the source of contamination in many recalls. Using leak testing methods can readily identify packaging issues for immediate resolution.

We ship our Sealtick® leak testing systems to customers around the globe. With fast and friendly customer support and sales assistance, we can ensure that you will be satisfied with the performance and durability of our systems.

Contact Us Today

Sealtick leak detection systems are reliable and easy-to-use. To learn more about the products that we offer, contact us via email Sealtick@bestech.com.au or call +61 3 9540 5100.